• Gillian Purvis Award for New Writing (2018)
  • The Walter and Anne Wyatt Memorial Prize, University of Glasgow (2016)
  • University of Glasgow College of Arts doctoral funding (2016 – 2019)
  • Projects for Peace $10,000 Grant for the Uncovered Artistry Boutique (2010)



Short Stories

  • This Is Not a Pencil Box, Fictive Dream (2019)
  • The Sea Witch, Bloodbath Literary Zine (2018)
  • The Little Girl and the Glowworm, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2018)
  • The Sea Witch, Letters to Barnacle Zine, print (2017)
  • The Nephrite Lady, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2017)
  • In the Gloaming, Crooked Holster, print (2016)
  • Stonecutting, Shetland Create, print & online (2016)
  • Fox Eyes, Foxes of Glasgow, print (2016)
  • Dear Charles, >kill author, online (2012)
  • Osseointegration, Toad Suck Review, print (2012)


  • L’importanza di essere Oscar!, Adjacent Pineapple (2020)
  • Have you heard?, Quarentzine 04 (2020)
  • The Edge, Quarantzine 03 (2020)
  • Asterisms, Edwin Morgan Centenary Spec Books (2020)
  • Moon Baby, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2018)
  • As Easy as Sky, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2018)
  • Now that I Have You, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2018)
  • Still We Spin, York St John Pollination Project, online (2017)
  • After Betty Davis, Lies, Dreaming Podcast, online (2017)
  • Danger Here, qmunicate, print (2017)
  • After Betty Davis, Transatlantic Literary Women, online (2017)
  • waiting for joy child, Eborakon, print (2017)
  • the honeymoon months, Eborakon, print (2017)
  • Ice Coffee for Esther, UnderBridgePoetry, online (2017)
  • Is That Real Fur, UnderBridgePoetry, online (2017)
  • Abackstays, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2017)
  • Licorice Woman, From Glasgow to Saturn, print (2017)
  • After Betty Davis, SWAMP Magazine, online (2016)
  • 11 seconds in 840 degrees, Glasgow Women Poets, print (2016)
  • Interferometic Analaysis of a Composite Structure, specs journal, online (2013)
  • Daniel Burnham Made Plans, specs journal, online (2013)
  • causing the housing bubble, Alice Blue Review, online (2012)
  • Chinese Food, Alice Blue Review, online (2012)



  • Literature and Video Games: Beyond Stereotypes, St Andrews University, Not Geek Enough: Crafting a Ludic Novel for the Non-Credentialed Nerd (2018)
  • Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Glasgow College of Arts, A New Perversity: Exploring the Intersection Between Surrealism, Horror, and the Fairy Tale in the Writing of Women Surrealists (2017)
  • Edinburgh Fantasy and Folklore Conference, Stories of Fear: Exploring the Intersection Between Surrealism, Horror, and the Fairy Tale (2017)
  • Glasgow International Fantasy Conference, What is Surrealism?: Defining the Dream Through Fairy Tales and Horror (2017)

Research, Internships & Residencies

  • Challenging HIV Stigma: The Positive Stories Project, Artist in Residence, HIV Scotland (2018 – 2019)
  • Mapping Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces: How Can Humans and AI Collaborate in Creative Practice, Digital Creativity Labs Internship, University of York (2017)
  • Creative Conversations Intern, University of Glasgow (2016 – 2017)
  • Editorial Intern, Freight Books, Glasgow (2015 – 2016)
  • Web Editorial Intern, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine, Chicago (2012)
  • Richter Research Scholar, “Sovereignty Goddesses in Beowulf,” Lake Forest College (2011)


shetland create issue 1 

page0001specs back cover3-page0001

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